Glow Night

Tombstone Glow at Bowen Park in Nanaimo! We're hosting a doubles glow night using a 22 hole layout consisting of one loop each of Blue Tops and White Tops. All baskets will be lit up, and we’ll do a random flip for partners.

The layout is now up on uDisc.

General information is below, but the most up-to-date information is found here.

It'll be a fun night of doubles glow with different prizes each night, including a monthly random draw.

Find all of our glow related items here!

Meet-up time: 6:45pm

Flip for partners: 6:55pm

Tee off time: 7:00pm

Buy-in is necessary to play, and there are two tiers of buy-ins. The first $5 of each buy-in is broken down like this:

  • $1 to the Nanaimo Disc Golf Club
  • $1 to the acepot (Acepots will roll over to the following week if not hit)
  • $3 towards the weekly “Closest To the Pin” (CTP) contest

Tier 1: $5

Tier 1 gets all of the above. Any player in tier 1 will not be eligible for the payout to winning teams. For example: if a team consists of a Tier 1 player and a Tier 2 player and that team places high enough for a payout, the Tier one player will not be eligible for payout and the winnings go to the other player.

Tier 2: $10

Tier 2 gets all of the above in Tier 1, and the additional $5 of the buy-in makes a player eligible for cash payout if their team places high enough for that night.

CTP prize

The number of CTP’s on any given night are attendance based with the following structure:. 

  • 10+ teams = 3 CTP prizes available that night.
  • 5-9 teams = 2 CTP prizes for the night.
  • Up to 5 teams = 1 CTP prize for the night. 

***Note - CTP prizes will only count for the partner that is closest to the pin - not for both players. 

During Tombstone's glow night, if you tombstone your disc (the disc lands in the ground and is standing up and down), take a picture of it and submit it to Tombstone Discs to be entered into a monthly draw for an additional prize. Any photos you submit may be used for social media, advertising, or similar promotional reasons.

Additional Information:

Out of bounds:

Out of bounds will be played as “island holes”, exactly like daytime rules. So on regular blue/white holes 1, 2, 6, 17, and 18 anything on the path/sidewalk and beyond is ruled out of bounds. Anything on Bowen road is also out of bounds.

Tombstone Discs will have batteries, lights, and tape available at the events. We will also have glow discs available if anyone wishes to purchase any to use. 

Tee off will be at 7:30pm sharp. We will meet in the parking lot near hole 3. Make sure to leave enough time to light up your discs and flip for partners - we recommend being there at 7:15.