Discmania Color Glow FD3 (Discmania Open)

Discmania Color Glow FD3 (Discmania Open)

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Discmania proudly presents their  very own Disc Golf Pro Tour event, the Discmania Open! This limited fundraiser FD3 showcases the final “Holy Trinity” Discmania Open fundraiser design. This artfully crafted masterpiece provides funds for the tournament in order to give the players and spectators the best experience they can offer. Based in Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada, this tournament will prove to be a destination tournament for pros and spectators alike.

The FD3 is the most stable fairway driver in Discmania’s Originals line. For many players it will be an utility driver that only comes out in specific situations, like in strong headwinds or to cut tight corners. For players with more arm speed, it will hold a straight line for a longer time, before the inevitable fade.

Best Choice for: Windy drives and utility shots

Speed: 9 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

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