Kastaplast - Grym X - K1 Glow X-Out
Kastaplast - Grym X - K1 Glow X-Out

Kastaplast - Grym X - K1 Glow X-Out

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Grym X provides a well-balanced combination of speed, accuracy and glide. With a rim width of 22 mm, it fits right into the spot where the disc is workable and easy to grip, while still being very fast. Grym is Swedish for cruel or awesome, and the X stands for Xtra stability.

Flies Just Fine / X Out:

Kastaplast had to pull all orders of the Glow Grym X earlier this year. There was a blister on the sprue (the centre dot on the underside in the middle of the flight plate. If you pick and pull the blister repeatedly, you should be able to peel off a small circle of plastic. We've gone through each disc individually and can confirm that the blister is there but barely noticeable. As the second stamp says, they fly just fine! Get these discs at a great price!

Suitable for: Experienced players, consistent distance drives.

Flight specs: Speed 12 / Glide 5 / Turn -1 / Fade 3

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