MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay
MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay

MVP Cosmic Neutron Relay

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A longtime favorite of both beginning players and top pros alike, the Relay brings its workable flight characteristics to the swirly goodness of Cosmic Neutron! With an extremely wide range of color combinations and swirl patterns, fans are sure to find a Cosmic Neutron Relay that speaks to them. The Cosmic Neutron Relay has all of the grip and durability of the premium Neutron Relay, only now it’s packed with an extra aesthetic punch. So, whether you’re looking for your first driver or are wanting to carve tunnel shots in style, there is a Cosmic Neutron Relay out there for you!

The Relay features a slim 16mm wing that feels extra chunky in the hand while still being our easiest to grip driver. While advanced and expert throwers will have a healthy flip and turn to carve with, beginner to average disc golfers will get a controllable straight flyer that doesn’t need much power. The Relay’s low-speed demands make it the easiest MVP driver to throw for beginners and the best all-around “powered-down” disc for experts.

Advanced throwers can expect a straight-to-turning flight from the Relay if thrown flat, or a flip-up-to-flat line if thrown with hyzer. Beginner and average throwers can expect for more of their launch angle to hold throughout the flight with the Relay.

Best choice for: Beginner driver, anhyzer fairway drives, scrambles

Speed: 6 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1

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